Could Body Tremors By Parkinson’s Disease Be Cured With Surgery?

Could Body Tremors By Parkinson’s Disease Be Cured With Surgery?

Parkinson’s disease could slow down the movement of your body like stiffness in walking and this problem could make life difficult in the long run. But there is little to worry about as a treatment for this problem is available. You can visit the best spine doctor in Delhi for treatment advice.


The above-mentioned problem can be cured with a surgical treatment involving the placement of a device that sends electrical signals to the area of the brain that controls movements. The surgery will require making an incision of about an inch on the top of your head.


You will feel considerable improvement in your body movements after the surgery. An electrode will be placed inside the brain and connected to a stimulator device to control the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. It is like placing a pacemaker in the heart for the proper functioning of the heart. You can check deep brain stimulation surgery cost to know the right amount you need to invest in the treatment.


If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease then you should go for surgical treatment that will help in controlling the tremors in your body in the long run. It is the right treatment that you can get from the seasoned hands of an experienced spine surgeon. Similarly, you can get the right treatment for epilepsy that also gives seizures.


Epilepsy treatment involves anticonvulsant drugs and a ketogenic diet that can help aid the medicine. But sometimes surgery is required for effective control of the seizures. The best epilepsy doctor in Delhi would suggest surgery in the following conditions.


  • If the doctor locates the seizure focus which is the area from where seizures begin
  • Removing the seizure focus won’t affect other important functions like speech
  • Seizures are disabling
  • Medicines fail to control the seizures
  • Side effects of anticonvulsant drugs are severe


Depending on the types and severity of seizures and the seizure area, your spine surgeon will choose a surgical treatment like lobe resection that involves removal of the Temporal Lobe and the seizure focus. It is a common surgery in teens and adults. Or he could choose lesionectomy if the seizures are due to trauma like a tumor or malformed blood vessel.