Is neurointervention the right treatment for stroke?

Is neurointervention the right treatment for stroke?

A stroke is a medical emergency as it shows that blood supply to brain is interrupted and that the blood cells could begin to die anytime. But the good thing is many fewer patients die of stroke due to quick availability of stroke treatment in Delhi.

Let’s discuss symptoms of stroke

  • Trouble in verbal communication with others
  • Numbness on face, arm or leg
  • Problems seeing both eyes
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in walking

Time to see a doctor

Ask a person showing symptoms of stroke to smile, if his face droop to one side, he is in trouble. He won’t be able to raise both arms or even repeat a simple phrase. And when it happens, it is time to go to the best stroke specialist in Delhi before things become more complicated.

How to treat stroke?

Neurointervention is the best treatment for stroke. And its advantage is that it doesn’t involve invasive procedures like opening skull to access the troubled vein or exposing spinal column to administer medicine. Neurointervention is minimally invasive requiring only a tiny incision of the size of a small coin.

The best neurosurgeon in Delhi, NCR will insert a catheter into the groin and push the small tube into the problem area. Once the catheter reaches at the right place in the brain, the surgeon will inject medicine or accomplish the treatment in the best possible manner. And this technique is considered more beneficial than the traditional.

Advantages of neurointervention

  • Minor incision requires little time in healing
  • Also, there’s little need for medication to heal the incision
  • Patients have lesser post-operative pain
  • There’re fewer complications with this treatment

Depending on the overall condition of the patient, the treatment can be provided on urgent basis. And it gives satisfactory results. The patient recovers quicky and he could soon return to his normal life, again depending on is condition. Neurointervention as a treatment has proved to be a blessing in stroke treatment in Delhi.

Who could get a stroke?

Anyone could get a stroke but older people and those with comorbidities are more prone to stroke attack. But there is little to worry as you can easily get the right treatment that is neurointervention and get back on your fee again.

The best stroke specialist in Delhi will always suggest neurointerventionfor stroke treatment. If you find anyone down with a stroke, you can take him to a nearest facility to save his life.