What Are The Advantages Of Spinal Surgery?

What Are The Advantages Of Spinal Surgery?

Back pain can make life difficult if it doesn’t respond to regular painkiller drugs or therapies.If you go to the best spine doctor in Delhi, he will suggest surgical treatment.

Should I go for spinal surgery to relieve my back pain?

If the pain is unbearable and you have difficulty moving around and doing your regular tasks, you should consider spinal surgery as an alternative to the conventional back pain treatment with medicines and therapies. And it is always better to go for spinal surgery if the back pain has made life difficult for you.

Advantages of spinal surgery:

Surgery will release the pressure from your back so you can move around better and be comfortable while doing your regular jobs.


  • It will improve your physical fitness. You will feel healthy and happy in the long run.


  • Spinal surgery will reduce your dependence on painkillers and therapies. You will be able to manage your back pain with fewer medicines.


  • Surgery will allow you to go back to work without requiring painkillers or therapies. Also, it will boost your productivity in the long run.


Talk to the best spine doctor in Delhi, if you have back pain and you find it difficult to manage the pain with conventional treatment. You require laminectomy that involves removing some bone parts to relieve the spinal nerves from the unnecessary pressure.

Or you could require foraminotomy that involves expanding the exit space of spinal nerves by cutting bone sides of vertebrates. But it can make your spine less stable. In this situation, the surgeon will perform spinal fusion that involves fusing two bones into one.

Similarly, surgery can help in treating epilepsy. An epilepsy doctor in Delhi will prescribe surgery if he has a clear idea of the seizure focus that is the area where seizures start. Surgery is used to treat epilepsy in the following conditions.


  • Knowledge of seizure focus allows removal of the affected part or area. It is better to remove the affected area.


  • The affected area can be removed, if it doesn’t control critical functions like language and movement.


  • Surgery is prescribed if the seizures become disabling. Also, the medicines can’t control seizures. In this situation, you can rely on surgery that can provide quick relief.


  • Epilepsy drugs have side effects and they have started impacting your life.Here your doctor will prescribe surgery that will reduce your dependency on drugs.