What is the latest technology in brain tumor surgery?

What is the latest technology in brain tumor surgery?

There has been considerable development in cancer treatment. Technological advancements have made brain tumor surgery in Delhi more reliable than it was a couple of years back. Surgical treatment involves removing cancerous cells along with surrounding healthy tissues.

Surgery is usually the best treatment for a brain tumor as it improves neurological symptoms and allows taking tissues for diagnosis and genetic analysis of cancer. The diagnosis and analysis of cancerous cells help in choosing the right treatment option. And in many cases, the surgery improves the prognosis of tumor patients.

Surgery to the brain requires removing a part of the skull that is later covered with a piece of bone taken from the patient’s body. The process is called craniotomy and the best neurosurgeon in Delhi NCR can remove cancerous cells with the help of technological advancements.

Following are the technological advancements that have made brain tumor surgery more reliable.

Craniotomy: The process involves accessing the tumor through a skull opening and removing the affected part completely. It provides quick relief from the pain and suffering the patient has been undergoing for a long time.

Partial removal: Depending upon the size and spread of the tumor, it can be removed completely or partially. If it is removed partially, the remaining part of the tumor is treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Biopsy: Sometimes surgeons find it very difficult to remove a tumor due to its malignant nature. In this situation, they take a piece of the cancerous cells for a study called a biopsy. The study provides valuable information about the nature of the tumor and helps in selecting the right treatment for the tumor.

Stereotaxis: It involves brain mapping with a CT Scan or MRI to locate the tumor and determine its size. A guided needle through a skull opening is sent to the tumor and it is removed or biopsy is done if complete removal isn’t possible.

The best neurosurgeon in Delhi will reduce the size of the tumor to bring fast relief to the patient. Also, the surgeon will study the removed tissue to ascertain the cancer type and matching the right treatment like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

While going for brain tumor surgery, you should talk to your brain tumor specialist in Delhi about the possible outcome and rest assured that the surgery will reduce pressure from your brain and allow you much time to look for more favorable treatment options.