When does surgery become the best treatment for brain tumor?

Your doctor will suggest brain tumor surgery in Delhi if he finds that the affected cells need to be removed with surgical treatment. And he could remove all or part of your tumor depending on its growth, size, and location.

Following are the conditions where surgery becomes a necessity

  • When the cancerous growth is quite large and it seems very difficult to control it with medicines and therapies
  • If the tumor is very small but accessible, your surgeon will suggest that it should be removed before it spreads to other areas
  • When the tumor is aggressive, your surgeon would suggest removing it so that you get more time to treat the tumor
  • You are in good health and the surgeon considers you the best candidate for surgical treatment
  • Sometimes surgery becomes a necessity to get a tissue sample of the tumor for diagnosis

The best tumor specialist in Delhi will take the right decision after assessing your overall health. Surgery will remove a good part of the tumor if removing the entire tumor isn’t possible. And if the tumor is small, it can be removed completely. In any situation, you will get lasting relief from the suffering. Also, you will get more time to look for more reliable ways to treat cancer.

What is the survival rate after a brain cancer operation?

It depends on factors including the age of the patient, type of tumor, growth, and spread of cancerous cells. But the good thing is that advanced treatment options have increased survival rates of all patients. If you are suffering from a brain tumor or any of the conditions affecting the brain, you should immediately go for a checkup.

Visit the clinic of the best neurosurgeon in Delhi for checkups and diagnosis. Let an experienced surgeon determine your medical condition and make an opinion. He will study your reports and make a detailed assessment of your medical condition before suggesting a treatment option.

Other medical conditions affecting the brain

Stroke is another condition that could affect the brain and it could be a medical emergency depending on the type and spread of the stroke. If you have trouble speaking and understanding what others are saying, numbness on the face, arm, or leg, headache, and trouble walking, it could be a stroke.

Visit the best stroke specialist in Delhi for diagnosis and treatment. The treatment will start immediately and could include medicines and therapies. Depending on the type of stroke and your overall health, you can take from a couple of weeks to a few months in recovering from a stroke.