Who Is A Fit Case Of Keyhole Brain Surgery?

Who Is A Fit Case Of Keyhole Brain Surgery?

Keyhole brain surgery provides the best treatment for certain types of brain tumors. It is a minimally invasive surgery that allows maximum treatment without jeopardizing the overall health of a patient.


Here’re the tumors that can be treated with minimal invasion


Acoustic neuromas: Found on the hearing and balance nerves of the inner ear, it is a rare type of non-cancerous tumor caused by an overproduction of Schwann cells. It can easily be removed with a minimally invasive surgical procedure.


Meningiomas: The tumor originates in the menines that make the outer three layers of tissue between the skull and brain. But a keyhole brain surgeon can easily access the tumor through a small hole made in the skull and remove the cancerous growth of cells.


Megastatic brain or spine tumor: Cancer anywhere in the body spreads toward the brain. But the growth of malignant cells can be checked with minimally invasive surgery and life can be saved.


Skull base tumors: A tumor in the skull can be removed with keyhole brain surgery without disturbing the fine network of important nerves and blood vessels passing through the skull. The tumor has to be removed to protect important neurological functions.


Colloid cysts: Cysts developing near the center of the brain have to be taken care of as they can blast into a cancerous growth and disturb the neurological functions of the brain. They could even be fatal.


Trigeminal neuralgia: It is a disorder of nerves visible in facial pain that could be severe sometimes. But there is little to worry about as a keyhole brain surgeon knows how to treat this disorder. There are many ways including minimally invasive surgery.


Arteriovenous malformation (AVM): It is the development of an irregular cluster of blood vessels in the brain and it could lead to hemorrhage and brain damage if left untreated. But the blood vessels can be removed using minimally invasive surgery.


Benefits of minimally invasive surgery:


  • It leaves Minimal visible scarring
  • Minimal damage to tissues allows quick recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay as patients can go home a day after the procedure
  • Post-operative treatment starts sooner


Keyhole brain surgery is a revolution in cancer treatment as it protects patients from greater damage associated with open skull surgery. The surgeons access only the tumor without touching the surrounding nerves and remove the tumor in no time. Now brain tumor patients have better chances of achieving full recovery.